As a lifetime resident of Compton I have always believed that while we aren’t perfect, we have unlimited growth potential.  Everywhere I go, my goal is to represent the best of what I know Compton to be. Compton is full of diversity, good people, strong families, and economic opportunities. You may not be able to see it yet, but Compton is a Utopia. We already have everything we need to turn Compton into a national model for outstanding municipal services. I love this city with all of my heart, and I have a vision for the future of Compton that I intend bring to life as your councilperson for District 2.  The four areas that I would like to focus on to bring this vision to life are: Public Safety, Housing, Economic Development, and Culture.  


4 Areas of Focus
public SAFETY

Everyone has a basic need for safety. As your councilperson, I will focus on improving community policing, gang intervention, and modernizing the infrastructure to provide better lighting and cameras around the city. When it comes to government and law enforcement, one of the biggest determining factors of trust is transparency and accountability. 

I believe the key to building safer and healthier communities is empowering people to build bridges with law enforcement in order to create that transparency and improve community policing, which is why I intend to activate a community led oversight committee made up of residents and legal advisors. This committee will be tasked with the direct involvement of citizen complaints and work to not only develop solutions to improve government accountability but to also serve as a community liaison coalition designed to educate residents on police operations. 

Every part of Compton’s infrastructure is outdated. The pipes, sewage lines, plumbing, lighting etc. all require a certain level of technology that Compton does not currently possess. There have been recent improvements to our lighting system such as converting to LED lights that shine brighter and cover larger areas. However, we still lack a sufficient number of light poles to provide adequate lighting. Aside from providing public safety at night, a well-designed lighting system also encourages nighttime commercial and recreational activities which is why I’ve identified several programs and grants that will assist in modernizing the infrastructure of Compton at little to no cost.


I’d like to instill the pride that I have in our historic city into all residents, especially our youth. Compton is a beautiful place where everyone’s history should be appreciated and recognized publicly. As your councilperson, I will ensure that the city’s rich ethnic diversity is reflected in high traffic locations that will announce to residents and visitors alike that all of our stakeholders are important to the future of Compton. My vision is to see local artist murals that represent the cultural diversity that makes Compton so unique throughout the city. As people travel and shop throughout our city, they will see art that reflects their lives and experiences and the rich history that has made Compton one of the most well-known cities around the world.


Adequate shelter is something that is not only a basic human right, but it should be something that all Compton residents always have access to. I have a plan for alternative housing programs that will provide safe shelter for our community members that need assistance in pursuit of their goals. This plan also includes potential investment opportunities for residents as we continue to build right here within the city. The #1 wealth builder in the United States is real estate while one of the most pressing issues in LA County continues to be homelessness. I’ve designed the Garage Conversion Assistance Program as an answer to both of these problems. With this proposed plan the city would allow up to a $50,000 loan for garage conversions that could be used to house homeless or low-income residents. The garage would be converted into a livable domicile and the homeowner would collect a maximum of $1,000 per month for rent. This program helps those that are homeless, low-income families, homeowners, and the many residents searching for additional income as a result of the global pandemic. I believe every Compton resident should have the ability to build wealth and it is my priority to provide wealth building opportunities that our community would not have access to otherwise.

ECONOMIC development

Economic development is the foundation for the future of Compton. As I previously stated, we have everything that we need right here in this city. I plan to foster an increase in small businesses, by utilizing the vacant commercial property that we already have available. Commercial businesses will be used to help generate the necessary funding for community safety measures. They will also provide much needed economic opportunity for our youth in the form of employment, professional development, networking, and financial literacy. Compton needs a new, innovative approach to revitalize commerce in our city, and I have a plan to do just that via mixed use projects that will allow access to state, federal, and county money while simultaneously increasing tax revenues and lowering the unemployment rate.